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TBS Marine can help with:

  • Propellers
  • Complete axle lines
  • Soldering and casting brackets
  • Bushings and seals
  • Cases and Joints
  • Wheels and accessories
  • Drawing and consulting

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    Less Motion, More Ocean

    TBS Marine is the exclusive distributor of VEEM Gyro in Italy and Southern Europe. Finally, powerful gyro stabilizers that deliver a quality of comfort you have never experienced. Developed specifically for superyachts, the VEEM Gyrostabilizers deliver 20% more efficient stabilizing torque delivery than its closest competitors. With single unit installation options on larger yachts due to larger stabilizing torque, the VEEM Gyro range allows you to experience the highest quality of comfort available with no dry docking … ever!

    The VEEM Gyro range, which boasts previously unimaginable levels of stabilizing torque, includes the VEEM Gyro 120SD, the VEEM Gyro 145SD, VEEM Gyro 260SD and the VEEM Gyro 1000SD, each named after the reflected level of stabilizing torque developed (in kNm).

    “The VEEM Gyro models are the first truly powerful gyro stabilizers that can provide strong stabilization both at rest and underway for large vehicles. Our products will continue to operate in rough conditions unlike other products in the market” VEEM Gyro Product Manager, Paul Steinmann quotes.

    VEEM Gyro 120