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TBS Marine can help with:

  • Propellers
  • Complete axle lines
  • Soldering and casting brackets
  • Bushings and seals
  • Cases and Joints
  • Wheels and accessories
  • Drawing and consulting

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    Designed with Precision, Manufactured to Perfection, Ultimate Performance.

    TBS Marine is an authorised distributor of VEEM Propellers in Europe. VEEM has been pushing the boundaries of propeller manufacturing innovation for decades, always aiming for higher speeds, better fuel economy, and lower noise and vibration. Our passion for performance and innovation is supported by manufacturing and engineering excellence, the evidence of which is in leading results and outstanding performance for vessels all over the world.

    VEEM’s innovative pattern-less molding techniques have allowed for incredible precision when it comes to designing unique propulsion systems for vessels around the world. By eliminating old-fashioned patterns from our manufacturing process, our team of propulsion design specialists is free to specify exactly what the vessel needs in order to meet its specific performance requirements.

    This means every VEEM propeller is custom designed without manufacturing constraint, to precisely match the requirements of the vessel application. These bespoke designs are supported by decades of real-world experience, in-house CFD and FEA software, and a first-class team of highly qualified and experienced designers. Our design team are imbedded in our manufacturing facility allowing them to maximize the leverage of the company’s advanced manufacturing processes.

    It is no accident that VEEM propellers accelerate faster, achieve the highest speeds, run smoother, maximize range, back-down harder, and perform reliably year-in, year-out. These features are engineered into the propellers.

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